Swimbot : Improve your swimming on the net !


Improve your swimming on the net ! Is is now possible since the Evolutive Group digital agency just launched the new merchant site of swimbot.net.  This new Prestashop site is amazing in many respects. To start with, the product is a genuine technological jewel that will improve your swimming. It monitors each and every parameter ( rythm, head position, acceleration…) and guides your body moves through a sound system. Second, the technological challenge was to send a ciphered worldwide video streaming . The technical solution was to use Microsoft Azure. It is one of the very first times that Prestashop was linked to Microsoft Azure, which makes the international roll out very fast, and flexible. For instance it is easy to keep up with the rise of trafic throughout the world. Once again, Evolutive Grooup was at the forefront and demonstrated its ability to help European merchants to gain new markets on other continents.