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EVOLUTIVE GROUP coordinates all digital specialties to foster the digital strategy of its customers.

For our teams, implementing a digital strategy, is above all business growth oriented. Whatever we do is geared towards improving and consolidating the sales and profit lines.

To provide solutions matching our customers’ ambition, we organized ourselves in Business Units, allowing us to give focused and dedicated answers to specific questions or to address globally a multi channel digital strategy.

Very focused on exchange and proximity with customers, EVOLUTIVE GROUP is a very agile partner, able to implement complex projects and to answer positively to requests for customer support.

Base in Paris, Lyon, Tunis and Hong-Kong, EVOLUTIVE GROUP is following its course towards growth and recruitment to be able to meet the growing demand. At the same time training of existing teams is paramount to ensure they remain at the forefront of new technologies.

Our ambition is to bring you an ever more satisfying service, thanks to the synergy of our various Business Units, relevantly combined  to meet your needs.

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Our history

• 2005: Evolutive Business set-up
• 2006: Launch of the e-commerce Concession
• 2007: Literie Mania creation
• 2008: Piscine Mania creation
• 2012: Creation of EB2.0
• 2014: Creation of the Evolutive Group holding
• 2014: Opening of the Evolutive Paris subsidiary
• 2014: Opening of the Evolutive Microsoft IT subsidiary
• 2014: Opening of offshore production center in Tunis
• 2015: Opening of the Evolutive Hong Kong subsidiary

Evolutive Group