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  • WordPress is the most popular online publishing platform.
  • WordPress represents 24,1% of the internet.
  • Renault, Dassault, GDF Suez, Mercedes Benz, New York Times are using WordPress
  • Almost 70 million websites in the world
  • People are viewing 4 billion pages each month

A propos de Wordpress

About WordPress

WordPress is now, by far, the content management system most used on earth. Originally designed for blogs, WordPress has experienced phenomenal growth since its launch in 2003. If you still doubt it, the following figures will probably convince you.

74,600,000 sites are powered by WordPress.
About half are hosted on free platform while the other half have their own hosting solution.

48% of the first 100 Technorati blogs are powered by WordPress.
Among them, we can mention for example the websites of the New York Times, CNN, Mashable or Ebay. Out of all the websites in the world, an estimated 18.9% of them are based on WordPress.

37 million searches a month concern WordPress or related keywords.
On Google, 644,000 results match «  »WordPress » » keyword. If you add, «  »Forum WordPress » », «  »WordPress plugin » », «  »WordPress Problem » » and «  »WordPress Agency » » 37 million monthly queries concerning this CMS are estimated. People are looking for WordPress 5 times more than Joomla and 9 times more than Drupal.

WordPress is translated in 40 languages.
This list includes, among others Croatian, Estonian and Finnish. It is constantly enriched by the WordPress development team. gets more visitors than

126 million unique visitors per month on WordPress against 96,000,000 on Amazon.

WordPress employs only 229 people.
The operations of the WordPress team is completely decentralized. No centralized offices. Developers working at home or in coworking spaces all around the world.

98 WordPress versions have emerged since 2003.
There are minor releases that fix small bugs and larger versions that provide new features to the tool. The source code of WordPress, which is open, is updated between 60 and 80 times a day by the development teams. And the final versions are available every 3 to 6 weeks on average.

WordPress has been downloaded 46 million times.

This represents an average of 100 downloads per day since its launch. Currently, WordPress is downloaded tens of thousands of times a day.

29,000 WordPress Plugins are available.
This is one of the strenghts of WordPress. For each specific use or almost, there is a plugin. A new plugin is posted every hour.