Microsoft Azure Partner

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Cloud Service Provider Microsoft Azure

Evolutive Group has become the first official Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP), in the PrestaShop ecosystem. We are trained and certified by Microsoft as a Microsoft CSP and are the official partner for the distribution of its services. Our partnership is growing and fits perfectly with our teams’ deployment of the Azure hosting solution.

Evolutive Group can now open the mandatory Microsoft tenants on behalf of its customers, in order to access all the licenses of this global, leading cloud provider.

You need an Office 365 license for your daily life, or you wish to be hosted on Azure to run your PrestaShop on a scalable server? Evolutive Group will set up licenses & product access in just a few clicks.

Thanks to this official partnership, you have a single contact that provides you with the administrative part, the Microsoft billing, and more importantly the Implementation as well as the support.

We can assist you with your e-commerce project